Cruz Refrigeration Technology and Showcases for Fresh Products

Our Cooling Systems

Hybrid Cold

Cold system that incorporates the best of static cold, contact cold and ventilated cold.

Aspiration Cold

2.0 forced air system allowing for a large load and cooling capacity.

Static Cold

Classic refrigeration system with static cold and 100% polyester chassis composition.

Constructive Technology


Fiberglass construction injected with high density polyurethane. 10 year warranty.


100% handcrafted. We manufacture our windows according to the needs of each client.



Shop windows are connected to our factory via internet with temperature and humidity control. If at any point one of the parameters becomes dysfuncional, we can adjust it remotely using up to date technology or have a technician come to you.

5 year warranty

Our display models are as follows

Butcher’s Shop

Cheese Dairy



Our Group