Aspiration Cooling System


• Large load and cooling capacity.

• 3 independent air vents for an exposure of 102 cm and 25 cm of loading height.

• Evolution of the forced air cold system. As the air is more aggressive at the rear, instead of “blowing air”, we create a depression and suck in from the front at a speed of 0.3 m / s and recover the air from the rear at 0 , 2 m / s

The Cold Aspiration is the optimal cold system for companies that need a large cooling capacity and a very high rotation.

With a large load capacity of up to 1.02 meters deep and 25cm high, it is the system that companies generally choose.

It has the same capabilities as a traditional but improved air system:

1- Digital control of air speed

2- More humidity thanks to better insulation (polyester) and better air conduction (3 independent air vents)

3. 520 W / F evaporator installed with a tilt of 80 degrees under the exposure.